Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Man Friday and His Sister in Law

My husband and my sister are distinctly similar. I do not mean the gender or appearance. One is born on 8th December and the other is on 9th; Years are far apart though. And they both are constant source of mischievous on liners. Some times intentional and mostly by mistake !
This post is about them.
I normally fall in the trap of Monday Morning blues and on each Monday I want it to be a Sunday. So this Monday, I told my husband to cook dinner; rather if I am specific, to cook some rice as rest of the things were already cooked. Like my very good caring husband he agrees... VOILA! And additional offer is, he would also cook some side dish! Here he goes. He started with the offer of cooking a cauliflower dish, demoted to a mixed veg type ( we call it khichiri bhaji), further down to some potato recipe of his own. Suddenly at around eight, he realises that he has a conference call to attend ( one of the biggest disadvantages of marrying a MNC employed software guy; you can never guess their meeting schedule and cancellation followed). So it's back to me. When I entered the kitchen,I see a Brinjal and a Potato on my kitchen otta. There goes the enquiry, from self invented potato recipe to Brinjal Potato???? And I get a fishy smile from my man Friday. Why?? That's what he finally reduced to ! And I get to cook it. This is not the end of it..... It took me like ten minutes to finish my kitchen job and I reach back to him and his DELL made Oracle supplied mistress, Bingo....the conference call is cancelled. And I am left with another feeling of "cheated by his luck".
And than I have this sister of mine. She is planning on her masters and got a seat in the best place in UK. Well I am surely happy about it. But..... she has questions like why the www is www and not ttt...... any guesses?? Neither do I. She is so blunt at times, she end up telling people on face what at times a blunt like me fear saying! No need of guesses there. She ends up in a store with out money and plans to call me ( BTW I am in Hyderabad and she is in Delhi) for rescue. She did fly to Bangalore to catch up with a fiend, with no address and no return ticket and not enough cash to do anything; no response from her Friend on landing at Bangalore airport ( was a joke played by the friend). And when she ends the story what she has to say? " My immediate thought was call babi, i am sure some how I will be back because she is a manage master." What am I suppose to do in such case? Laugh? Cry? But she does what she does best..... Call babi and laugh at herself. That makes her beautiful !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Signs that you have no work...

I was known to be an workaholic. And some where I read a topic talking about various signs of being an workaholic. And I fit into each and every point. I worked on week ends. Eat Subway for lunch and Switched off the office AC. Then I got married. And took up a new job in the city of Nizams. I though Assam is the worst place with civic sense and laziest of all, rather slowest. But, hang on, my such opinion lasted only till last year. Now i have some contestant for the same.
Not that I have any personal grudge against this place but some few things we will all agree. You know your neighbor is a Nizam lander when:

1. even on a eating out, he would order curd rice at the end.
2. he drives to the rightest most possible lane, even on a two way without a divider
3. when you asked some thing he would say " ho jayega na"
4. at least one person in his family is in the "SATES"
5. every new born get a passport along with it's first milk
6. he is an engineer (mostly) from some college, no one knows.
7. does not matter how qualified he or she is, has an additional deg/dip/certificate in computers.
8. knows everything about Chiranjeevi.

Well... I am sure we assamese will also have long list. But that's not part of this post.

Internet Reading......and Change

Off late, I have developed a liking for reading blogs. I mean I used to read even before but, only selected things. But of late, I am kind of reading everything on the net. And it seems every one is writing.... My husband being the only exception.
He is definitely not the type who would do anything just for the sake of it, but surely an easy going person. We have been married over a period now. Before this also, I stayed of my own, ran a home ( for one person though) and did all I do now, minus the husband. But I really do not understand why I was not this happy or so confused. How, why and when things change I am sure no one can actually pin point it. I changed, and still changing. Things that used to depend on my mood before, like folding cloths, cooking dinner, checking on the maid, keeping the house clean etc etc now becoming a habit and need. I used to freak out when my mother used to force us to do such things. My arguments was always that it's our home and we should be able to stay as we wish. But now I think I am following my mom's foot steps. Some times I wonder am I becoming a bit more social?? Or what is it???
It is surely not my husband. Because I am sure one gets such a husband, who asks you to sleep an hour more and make his own tea, with some kind of miracle. Because I do not think I have so many good karma's to get such a man !!!! May be at times he is the one who would say, do not cook, let's order out !!! But then he is the one who has that option.
Then, I am changing. And I have changed, from a kid to a girl to an woman. From a daughter, to a wife; from a sister to a sister in law. And from a slim trim well maintained urban power woman to a Plump and domesticated working wife. Changes have found it's way into me. How when and where is the question. As I do not like such intruders.