Thursday, December 20, 2007

10 Months in Hyderabad.......

Its been ten months I am in Hyderabad and about equal being a wife.
Initially I hated this place ( still in some cases I continue with my feeling). Well I can go on and on and on about all that I do not like, but i can surely share a few incidents. That is kept for some times later.
What I liked here most is the feeling of belonging. May be the city is not as big ( or may be dev has a lot of friends) i really love the get to gathers that we keep having. This was one thing I really missed while I was in delhi. And i am now polishing my skills on the Great Balancing Act !!!!!!
I donno when will I be back again.. but surely this time a much earlier come back......

From Sukanya on gmail.....

Let me first Congratulate you both!!!!
I am really happy for you both
I know Dev on and off for last 20 years( I am right naa).. He is my just junior.. A decent, sincere, simple & a down-to-earth guy....
I still remember the conference chatting with Dev & Debo when I was in Delhi..and one common talk..both need their dream girl to get married!!
I honestly tried( though with no result)…but finally I am happy for him..
Hey Dev.. U have got a nice girl..I am really happy for u..I am sure U will take care of her u have realise life is how boring without a life partner:-)

Wishing u all happiness & joy for u both..Cheers!!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

From Friends....... through mail..

Ommm Labhi well wat to tell abt her...I knw wat Dev expecting 4m me to write here...she is a very good gurl...lovely...caring...friendly...bla bla bla...rite...!!!...Well I say absolutely true...!!!

Ya...i knw her from a very long time. But dn't remember wen we first met. I think it ws in HS wen we were studying in the great great SSA. But she told me it ws in class I am really confused abt that...Well from study side I hv no comments abt her as she ws very good in college...!!!

Ommm after a long gap of so many yrs i met her again wen she cm 2 B'lore...which she say it ws her official visit...n i say she cm here 4 it ws a hard day for me to company her d whole day...!!!

She even went to Hyderabad 4m B'lore [:-O] saying it ws a part of her so called official visit...but I say she went der to meet Dev [;-)] . I knw she is vry smart...n she knws wen to do wat wer n how...n so did it like a clever gurl…!!!
Den she told me dat she has fallen in love wid Mr.Oracle...Dev...Oppps...god I just wanted her to settle down after all diff kinds of ups n downs...n i should say dat dey r now in a frozen state of lov [:-)] .

Well I want to thank her for one thing dat she did 4 me...guess wat...she helped me a lot in finding my dream gurl...who ws in my dream 4 last 18-20 yrs...I'll nt tk d name here...but to dear Labhi...many many thanks for d same.

Well many more to write but I dn’t want u to get bored of reading last i wish dem all d best 4 their marriage [:-)]...!!!

Three cheers to both Dev n Labhi [:-)]…!!!


Hi Labhitadi... I met Devada thru Orkut...We never met in person as yet but it has been a refreshing experience knowing him to say the least...So when he broke the news of his impending alliance I wondered who the damsel would be...The first sight of you on the blog that u people have designed quelled all my niggling queries...A perfect match..I m not exaggerating but a line from the movie Serendipity came back to me when Beckinsale tells Cusack in the context of a passing by couple "You complete me!!"..That was one of the most beautiful screen lines I have ever come across...Your blog helped me relive those moments...Here's wishing you all the best for a successful journey together...Life is beautiful with someone who cares around!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Umm......well...after Dev's first post, I thought I will also say a few words since he has now givwn me an access to this. So A BIG HELLO to all of you....