Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can I Go Back

Its many years! At least for me it’s many. Do I look back? Yes I do.. like you all do. It’s been days I have not updated on me. Why? No freaking clue. I do not know it myself how do I tell you?
So what have I been doing? Nothing much, a daily routine of 7:00 in the morning till 7:00 at night. No cooking; hold on some cooking and no life. I donno why I feel it so much! The days when I had no money I used to think once I earn “enough” money I will do this and that. And now with that “enough money” I want to retire!!! Crazy!!!
I had a small two bedroom shared apartment, with a maid who used to charge Rs400/- for everything in the house and between me and my room mate it was 200 each! Wow! And I am talking about Noida and the fact that we were any time ready to get rid of her for a cheaper one. Now I think, lets pay some more but get a better one. What a one eighty degree turn in approach. Now my monthly bill is almost twice my first salary!!! What a growth. But which direction? Some direction for sure!
I have also grown double my size! It seems I am eating up all that I am earning.. scratch scratch!! That’s another big regret. Yes it is regret. Though I try and tell myself (and others) hundred different reasons, I know I have lost it. From a figure where I knew people gave me second look even in my everyday office wears; to a barrel. What a growth! It’s like an exponential business growth! But hey, market was not growing in past couple of years, then why am I? Husband effect? Could be! He promised just after our wedding he would make sure I am comparable to him. So here I am. I have reached, so can I go back now?