Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vikramaditya Veergatha

Okay, first thing first. I am a voracious reader and NEVER wrote anything close to a review.
This on is NOT a review.

So Author Shatrujeet Nath, you need a wiki page. STAT!

As you all know, I had a baby. So my reading in past two years was limited to Jeff Arch latest series (me being a fan and all) and a very few I have been waiting for release. And a few more, when the husband thought I might just go mad or die because of not having a "currently reading" number. So may be two more in this category. That's for my reading bucket in two years. I knew I was legging behind and I did not do any search for good reads.

Then comes my birthday. My Sister, you all know what she is to me, as usual offered a birthday gift. I asked for something, but her condition was, it has to be exclusively for me. She thinks I am a giver and I aways end up sharing what I get. So stubborn that she is, the offer was Kindle, take it or leave it!
Who on her right mind, thinks of letting go a something like this? Who had no idea what a Kindle can do? Me Me!
But all that is history. When I got MY KINDLE, it was like "chocolate factory to my french brother in law".  Amazon you have actually outdone yourself with this device. I never read an E-book. I hated that concept. But the e-reader is something meant for me. Read on it says.

I wanted to read "This was a man". The mommy me did not notice the release date. So when it did not happen, I learnt about KINDL unlimited!! The exact idea I was pondering over, and voila, great minds think alike. So the amazing thing happened and I found a ocean of book, for as good as freeeeee! I had to do the happy dance.

This book came as a "recommendation" from KINDLE. For not having anything better and not having enough time to search and also for desperately wanting to read, I said, why not.

The idea was to read until my Jeff Arch is released. To just keep me company. The problem started when the first few pages were read. I could not put the damn thing down. It's been a long while since I found something this irresistible! Where I wanted to read the last chapter first. Trust me I do that.

Book 1 is The Guardians of the Halahala". I thought what a weird title. The author must have something in mind. But fellas, read it if you like mythology being turned into history. My favourite type! I am not going to be spoiler and talk about the story. For that you need to pick this one up.
The best part in this book is things are left to imagination, not too many details on what the characters are wearing or eating or things like that. I love that factor where the author is more focused on the over all story, THE STORY, and weaving of the characters together, the swift change of scene without getting lost or bored or having to go back to the previous chapter to remember. This does not mean the characters were left alone. Read it to know what a fabulous justice done to each of them. It was pure bliss reading. A easy read an excellent read. It was a vivid flow of scenes in my mind, like a fantastic movie but in words!

So book one ended.

I started to look for all other parts like the Asuras and Devas hunting for the Halahala. But, as the author would have it, the series is only at it's second book. I promised to myself not to buy any until I finish all the Kindle Unlimited (impossible task, I know). But here I was, sneaking in just this one book! Sorry brain, the heart just stayed in Ujjaini! This one was equally charmed like the first one. Did not let me down like many series I started and stopped a few page on the second or third part. This kept me going. I literally burnt the mid-night oil. I had to. And then the last page! And now I am super upset, that it  is over and the next instalment is god knows when! Correction Mr Nath knows when.
After a long time, a book transported me through time and space to the land of Sindhuvarta. I am seduced, I am charmed and I am enchanted.

I am waiting for Vikramadiya and his Navaratnas to tell me more. To show me more!
And I think I know where the plot is headed Mr Nath, but I am waiting for you to tell me. And writing here would be unfair.

Looking at me hunched over, for last few days, actually ten days, the husband said,"It's not like the book is going away.... you found something didn't you!" This came from experience! And I could see where! Of course he does not know I broke my "no buy" promise to myself.
SO, that's the endorsement from the husband that I am engrossed, when he feels neglected. And neglected he was...for another married man Vikramaditya!

I have different sections of shelfs for books.

1. Read, whenever you have nothing to read.
2. Read, closed, may read again.
3. Read Done!
4. Read, can be given away.
5. Bought, yet to Open.
6. Opened and Disappointed.
7. Don't know why did I buy these.
8. The Husband's Shelf!

To Mr Shatrujeet Tripathi, both of your books are now neatly kept (not shelved, not put, but kept) right next to the Shiva series by Amish, Jeffrey Archer whole lot, Cleopatra's daughter by Michele Moran, Harry Potter, All of Dan Brown, Christopher C Doyale and many such favourites of mine, in shelf no 1. "Whenever in doubt pick one" section of my library. And when I tell you it takes a lot to be put in this shelf in the first go, you need to take a bow!!

Right now, in my house,  Vikramadiya is kept warm by Robert Langdon, The Cliftons and the likes until his bestie comes back!!