Thursday, December 08, 2011

Shillong Diary

I realize that this FB note thing is going to kill my blog very soon.This was out of context and right out of the thought cells to the Blog board, no processing in between !!

I seem to have reached Shillong for a few days after starting my journey towards it almost four months back. Well I did not walk ! 

So my day one went some where I do not know, so did day two. 
On day three I decided to explore this Scotland of the East ! With almost freezing temperature for me, I started my rendezvous on foot. It is great to walk around when roads are narrow and they seemed to be meant mainly for pedestrians like me. The first thing that struck me was every woman wear an absolutely matching sweater, mind you matching. They are not out of symmetry and they look so blended in the dress, at times I really had to stare to understand if it is a sweater or not ! Yes it was, every time. The Jinshin seems to be an almost super comfortable dress. For us the Salwar Kurta (without dupatta) wearing mortals, there is a brilliant way to wear the Dupatta I never even imagined could exist !

Than comes the Monday shocker, it seems everything is expensive on a Monday! Why?? The natives here do not work on Sunday hence no procurement and no supply; in turn Expensive Monday! Well, I plan to try and see if Saturdays are cheapest. So what do they do on Sundays? The Christians go to Church and socialize, the others, no clue! I sleep or escape some where!

I always knew life would be good for souls like me in this part of the country. Where else could I have been able to walk in to a "Hotel" (which is actually a eating joint) and share a table with two more strangers and have my full meal lunch all by myself. And without attracting any attention at all. Trust me no where in this country! I walk about the streets, climb into a shared Taxi to reach the Town Center, all by myself and no one as much raised an eye! I wander about the whole busy place where one needs to push through the stream of crowd to move forward, and bingo,I did not get angry one ounce due to any leach around! Heaven in real sense it is.

I knew that people here, in general, speak English as if they learn this language along side their mother tongue! Well I did not know the same was applicable to the maid,the road side 'Kongs' and almost everyone. If you do not know Khashi, you must know English! You must also know how to wear high hill shoes or super flat ones and walk with fast baby steps. 

It is pich dark at 4:30 in the evening and by 7 everything on the road is closed. People sleep by 8:30 in the evening. So for nocturnal like idea. Of course there are nigh clubs and all, I am yet to reach there. I am yet to form my group of people like my earlier places, I am yet to socialize!!!

By end of my rendezvous, I realize, I never became a Delhiyet or a Mumbaiker or a Bangalorian or a Hyderabadi! So I may not become a Shillongia either! This crisis of mine shall remain !!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Your vs Mine + Seasons

Well...if you read my my blog... sorry for being away for a long time. I was kind of busy and 2010had a lot of "once in life time" events for me.
And today, I have two things in my suggested in the title.

First..the your vs mine.
I have been married and most of my contemporaries are married by now. Being an HR I have a bundle of women I come across. What I have learned ( including my own experiences)is that the in law saga is a parmanent fixure of any woman's life.. good or bad. So where does it start? I do not think any woman by intension decides to be the evil one at the begining. And believe me if you leave both the women togather there will be no qualmns. I have been very blessed as long as my husband does not factor in to my relationship. But elas.. in this case the whole in law factor itself will be missing. What I see around is the real conflict is when it one starts at " My son and Your husband" and the other one starts at " My Husband and Your Son" the poor husband...may god bless him for the happiness of the two woman who loves him so much!

Than the issue of seasons... When I got felt like a season of weddings! So many people were getting married. Now seems to be the season of babies! So many friends of mine are already blessed with one or on the way! This observation has been developed since my child hood. How? When I passed all my friends passed school and than graduation. Ha ha ha... When I was in my teens.. so all my friends were!!! I miss you guys!!