Monday, January 10, 2011

Your vs Mine + Seasons

Well...if you read my my blog... sorry for being away for a long time. I was kind of busy and 2010had a lot of "once in life time" events for me.
And today, I have two things in my suggested in the title.

First..the your vs mine.
I have been married and most of my contemporaries are married by now. Being an HR I have a bundle of women I come across. What I have learned ( including my own experiences)is that the in law saga is a parmanent fixure of any woman's life.. good or bad. So where does it start? I do not think any woman by intension decides to be the evil one at the begining. And believe me if you leave both the women togather there will be no qualmns. I have been very blessed as long as my husband does not factor in to my relationship. But elas.. in this case the whole in law factor itself will be missing. What I see around is the real conflict is when it one starts at " My son and Your husband" and the other one starts at " My Husband and Your Son" the poor husband...may god bless him for the happiness of the two woman who loves him so much!

Than the issue of seasons... When I got felt like a season of weddings! So many people were getting married. Now seems to be the season of babies! So many friends of mine are already blessed with one or on the way! This observation has been developed since my child hood. How? When I passed all my friends passed school and than graduation. Ha ha ha... When I was in my teens.. so all my friends were!!! I miss you guys!!