We - A bit About Us

Since this blog was revived as part of us getting married, I decided to keep these sweet silly stuff !!!

Devasish comes from a place called Jorhat, in the eastern part of Assam. A studious and ambitious guy. The Best! Has a very cute family. Yet not sure if they can live without each other or not. And Labhi is becoming a part of this cute lot. He has done his studies...all sort of :-). Now planning to lose his heart to this funny gal. 

Now its Labhi's turn.... she is actually Labhita. People call her with various names. You can do the same; but Dev needs to aprove of it going forward. She is madly in love with this guy and cannot live without her family. Her father is the piller and her man is her life.
She is born and brought up in a city, but loves the smell of her village.

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