Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Papa !!!

All of a sudden, without any hint my Father In Law left this world to be where I do not know...it came as a super shock..and as I am bad at reacting to such situation, I am still pondering what to do.
On 29th July 2010, Papa passed away. He cooked that day and was doing his daily things till 5:35PM and 5:55PM he was no more. Well this is not about his last moment..this is about me and him.

He was a man of utmost tollerence, I am still surprised how! He spoke bare minimum..and with me he used to speak things that sometimes I feel he did not do with any one else! If any one asks me what am I going to miss most...well..among lot other things..Calling him after lunch and speaking all that comes to my mind and he quitely listning and commenting some times...and those comments were worth recording! And ofcourse cooking for him! He seemed to have love prawns and mustered curries and assamese Payax. Such a foodie he was..Sometimes I felt may be he liked everything I used to cook! I remember one funny a supper kiddo cute incident that happened, My mom in law made some daal and it had no salt or very high salt, he ate his meal quitely and sattled. When my mom in law ate and complained about salt and asked papa about it, he said "if I tell you than you will eat better food, and I ate bad food".. that was my papa!

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