Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Could Not Find An Apropriate Title for This One !!

I have been supplimenting my writing whimsies by blogging for about 7 years now. And then came the fever of SNS and updated technology. So of late I have been micro blogging on SNS.

But, in the age of internet, the peace of mind is reduced by the hour. So I am thinking of actively writing here and be done with SNS.

While growing up, I have been a very different child. I know it when I now look back and try and see it as an adult. I realize now, my best friend is not from my school/high school. I have no toys that I saved. I do not ever want to go back to being a child and never say, 'ah those days'..well guess I do not understand the meaning of those. Well even when in graduate school I did not make much friends.
Now many years later, when I am reconnecting with many of my school mates, it seems I was quit an item number. At times I do not remember those sending me friend requests but they kind of know me. Well, I am left with nothing but accept such request and try to play detective in my mind and figure out who is that person. In most cases, some how the pieces fall in place.

In the race of life, the poeple account seemed to be always blanced some how, for me. I add new friends, meet new people and for some reason lose some. The ones with whome I fall away, are mostly because of some silly words by useless poeple. It seems I feel really bad when this happens. I mean seriously, what's wrong with you guys?? I cherish people and friendship, but it seems increasingly difficult to do so. Why there is always a race for supiriority? Why does it have to be the case to win?

I have also realised, that I intimidate people. Irony is that I do not know how. So how do I manage to do it? I do not have any idea.

I lost a lot of friends to marriage. They were man !! This is the most tragic, funny and happy way of losing a friend! Tragic because I think they stopped being friends right after their wedding, just becasue their wives are insecure. Why? Have not found out yet. Where as I cosider myself  'a hopelessly in love with my husband' type of a woman.  Funny becasue some woman seem to consider me a threat. And happy because my friend seem to have a companion who fullfills his life completely.

So in the age of SNS, socializing is limited to internet. Good news is complimented by a 'like'. And I am still friends with those lost people on the SNS, but no human connection !!

This is in memory of eveing tea parties, 3 plate momos for six, late night dinners and drinking, sharing all news by a letter or a phone call....also to the days gone !!

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