Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meleng Paani..... and me

Here I am back. I felt this blog of mine was getting a little less importance than it should. Actually i have been thinking for past couple of days that I should dedicate a corner to my Mother. She is one super funny woman. An example is, she wanted to buy a couple of things off late and they were really a lot... so what she says is " eh, iman bor bostu laage... eko nikino de ( shit, I need so many things, lets not buy anything)" Another classic example, She went shopping after this and literally shopped almost everything, while packing her bags at my house so that she can go back to her, she comments " Oh, now I am so ashamed of myself to take all these, I cannot have so many things". Well good or bad thats my mom with her classic confusions.

Any ways, that's that, I have one more blog dedicated to my recipes mixed with my moms and granny's. So in a traditional Assamese kitchen when you make a blended super watery curry, with almost no taste at all, you call it MELENG PAANI, (its not a praising word). I also made some egg curry one day, and when I tasted for salt st almost half done state, I found no better word for my pathetic curry. And was telling my husband that lets post it on My cooking blog and name it as Labhita's Egg Meleng Paani. Because if I do not call it Labhita's, I am sure at least my family will sue me for being such a horrible curry and not giving it my name.............

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