Thursday, January 24, 2008

24th January 2008 - A YEAR

Its been a year we are engaged to each other. And almost a year of A lot about us.
So how do I feel now? Ummmmm...... happy for sure, complete of course and BROKE as usual :D.

What i did in the last one year is itself a very very tough question. This was probably the fastest running year of my life. I could not even blink properly and the year is gone.A lot of fast happening. And DEV, no idea. One thing for sure, he no more feels like doing his work at office... :D. And for no reason.I can surely be writing about that great saying of Dilli Ka Laddoo; but to all my friends who wants to know, you must try it. And I love this !!!!!
And I love this blog of mine. So for now I am involved in a lot of stuff and running a little short of time; will be back soon. Till than bye bye !!!

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