Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Independence and I

I keep getting these inputs from various sources.... like different types of media. It's about celebrities ! Yah .. all the celebrities. The news read something like this... so and so changed the hair stylist / make up artist / dress designer / cook... etc etc. Now if one has one person dedicated to one aspect of daily life like dressing and eating, how we call them independent or self sufficient. I did not live a life of celebrity neither I think I ever will. But I try to understand what life would be if I have to consult some one else what am I going to wear for a friend's wedding! Mad.... I will surely go mad.
On the contrary I try to look at the power moms around me. You have 2 toddlers, in laws live with you, you have a success full and demanding job ( a boss comes complimentary with it) , the ever changing maid and to top it up you have your husband. Let's give the rest of the relations a little rest. Now this is what I call real power woman. Trust me this is not at all easy to handle all these five things together at the same time. Honestly, I doubt one even gets the time to consult about anything at such a situation.
Now how do I define independence. As in my case what it is? The capacity to take all my decisions my self which are solely dependent of all other factors ?????? ha ha ha..... Or the ability to spend whatever and whenever I want, for all these people around me???? Or what? Isn't it a little confusing? It surely is for me. I really am trying to understand the independence and the I factor. Sometimes I feel there is nothing called independence..... everything depends on something.....and every one depends on some one....

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