Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan and Twenty Something

While coming back from office today I was introspecting. Tomorrow is a holiday on the occasion of Eid. And being a cook I was thinking what can I cook, special, for tomorrow. It can be an Eid special. And I laughed at the idea. My granny would have taken a holy bath on this idea of mine. My aunts still raise a brow. My mom has kind of accepted it as part of my life, cooking Christmas dinner and Eid Lunch apart from all other festivals.
I was just wondering from where and when such thinking came into mind. I came to a point. I am one of the 20 something Indian, with a Job, away from family and with a life of my own independent of all. My own society, i.e. Assamese, is far away to look at anything in my life. My live in society is too busy or reluctant to be bothered about us. We are neither here nor there.
That's part of comopolitan India. And life in a metro is as cosmpolitan as metropilitan. We get up and rush to office. Wait desperately for the week end and never realise when it is Monday again. And weekends are packed with a big time cleaning and re stocking job along with other commitments. Than as a new age couple, sharing quality time is also of concern to us. We need to look at our partner for his or her comfort. I wonder if my mother ever had such problem. Did she ever complain to my dad about not giving enough attention? I do not think so. To her, Love and care was enough. No fuss about any of the new age terms like space etc. My granny was happier, she used to get good food, good cloths, took care of her seven children and a small discussion, rather a FYI, from my grand father on major issue. And I do not remember seeing them ever fighting or complaining against eaxh other.
Now we live in a Metro and think of all possible occasions to celebrate. I mean, think of rathere having a good time with good food :D.

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officot bohi ..... kaam aari blog pohri aasu, bhal laagise uppai nai pohri'boi laagibo.....