Monday, February 25, 2013

Happiness ???

So after my super enthusiastic Shillong tale, I did not return. Guess the place gave me touristy welcome and then over stayed guest treatment. No offense but a tourist spot is to remain a tourist spot and not home for visitors....lesson learnt.

Well.. after more then a year of trying to be happy and doing what not, I finally gave up and came back to my original place where I started my journey towards Shillong. Back to square one ??? Naaaahhhh. It was fun one year and people around me said not every one gets to do what I did. I guess I did. But now back with a lesson go-back-only-to-retire !

Now I moved here and able to see many things. Like the whole-wardrobe-to-myself phenomenon. Wake up in the morning and start the day with a movie phenomenon. I likey... But then there is this what-do-I-do-now situation. This also got me thinking, why having a child is important in many cases. Now my contemporaries seem to wonder what will I do when they all go out with children. Makes me sad to find people so judgmental. And ability and wish are two different things. Also I do not like the soothsayer who say you-do-not-know-what-are-you-missing. Well, knock knock... grass is greener on my side. I mean, people say grass is greener on the other side... but when you make the jump and cross over only then you realize how spectacular the view is !!! So pick whatever you like. And stop deciding on my behalf. For such people, do you realize that the dress on the mannequin most of the time does not look good on you.. simply because you do not have the shape. So just stop critisizing yourself and pick your take.... or for that matter I did pick mine !

And now for the time being, I am good. So let's just live in the present and not spoil it by worrying on the future... 

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