Monday, February 25, 2013

Shillong Diaries - Part II

Should Have Published Long Back..

Okay, here this goes again!
It's been almost half a year of my address being changed to a Meghalaya post code. But trust me, I have not yet managed to remember the same. Well me being me..radically changed. So here's what I learned from becoming a complete house wife.
First, I seem to have become the couch potato. Well I loved potatoes all along my life and my couch is definitely a brilliant one; but me and both of them thrown together? kinda a Russian Salad tossed over a super spicy Indian curry. Get it? No? Well I do not get it myself :-D !
I was a woman with a fat  pay cheque, and super busy life. Knew nothing about any serials on the TV and watched most movies in Theaters as an weekend treat.
Here, I cut each bean separately, and not as a bunch, I watch TV for 14 running hours and I sleep. That's all I do. Not much eh?
The silver line? My dear hubby. He comes home..on time..I tell you. Offers to take me out after his work. And seems to be actually giving into whatever whims I have. And he loves his work! So, I do not seem to be wanting more. And I am not bored because I do not have a job, surprised? Me too......

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