Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Man Friday and His Sister in Law

My husband and my sister are distinctly similar. I do not mean the gender or appearance. One is born on 8th December and the other is on 9th; Years are far apart though. And they both are constant source of mischievous on liners. Some times intentional and mostly by mistake !
This post is about them.
I normally fall in the trap of Monday Morning blues and on each Monday I want it to be a Sunday. So this Monday, I told my husband to cook dinner; rather if I am specific, to cook some rice as rest of the things were already cooked. Like my very good caring husband he agrees... VOILA! And additional offer is, he would also cook some side dish! Here he goes. He started with the offer of cooking a cauliflower dish, demoted to a mixed veg type ( we call it khichiri bhaji), further down to some potato recipe of his own. Suddenly at around eight, he realises that he has a conference call to attend ( one of the biggest disadvantages of marrying a MNC employed software guy; you can never guess their meeting schedule and cancellation followed). So it's back to me. When I entered the kitchen,I see a Brinjal and a Potato on my kitchen otta. There goes the enquiry, from self invented potato recipe to Brinjal Potato???? And I get a fishy smile from my man Friday. Why?? That's what he finally reduced to ! And I get to cook it. This is not the end of it..... It took me like ten minutes to finish my kitchen job and I reach back to him and his DELL made Oracle supplied mistress, Bingo....the conference call is cancelled. And I am left with another feeling of "cheated by his luck".
And than I have this sister of mine. She is planning on her masters and got a seat in the best place in UK. Well I am surely happy about it. But..... she has questions like why the www is www and not ttt...... any guesses?? Neither do I. She is so blunt at times, she end up telling people on face what at times a blunt like me fear saying! No need of guesses there. She ends up in a store with out money and plans to call me ( BTW I am in Hyderabad and she is in Delhi) for rescue. She did fly to Bangalore to catch up with a fiend, with no address and no return ticket and not enough cash to do anything; no response from her Friend on landing at Bangalore airport ( was a joke played by the friend). And when she ends the story what she has to say? " My immediate thought was call babi, i am sure some how I will be back because she is a manage master." What am I suppose to do in such case? Laugh? Cry? But she does what she does best..... Call babi and laugh at herself. That makes her beautiful !

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Anonymous said...

I am going to get married in few months time and all these days I was thinking that all the con-calls would really take away the little precious time I will have at home, but now it seems I can use those con-calls as an excellent excuse not to do what I don’t want to do.

Thank for the idea Dev.