Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Signs that you have no work...

I was known to be an workaholic. And some where I read a topic talking about various signs of being an workaholic. And I fit into each and every point. I worked on week ends. Eat Subway for lunch and Switched off the office AC. Then I got married. And took up a new job in the city of Nizams. I though Assam is the worst place with civic sense and laziest of all, rather slowest. But, hang on, my such opinion lasted only till last year. Now i have some contestant for the same.
Not that I have any personal grudge against this place but some few things we will all agree. You know your neighbor is a Nizam lander when:

1. even on a eating out, he would order curd rice at the end.
2. he drives to the rightest most possible lane, even on a two way without a divider
3. when you asked some thing he would say " ho jayega na"
4. at least one person in his family is in the "SATES"
5. every new born get a passport along with it's first milk
6. he is an engineer (mostly) from some college, no one knows.
7. does not matter how qualified he or she is, has an additional deg/dip/certificate in computers.
8. knows everything about Chiranjeevi.

Well... I am sure we assamese will also have long list. But that's not part of this post.

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Abid said...

Well said however you forgot to mention falthu talk in the list.. ;)