Friday, January 18, 2008

The Great Indian Maid !!!!!

I have recently shifted to Hyderabad after i got married. Before, i was always living with a room mate and for last year six months my sister was with me. So the topic of the day for me is the great maid without which I am not able to live my life very comfortably. I have made a few new friends out here who are also new wives! So the most interesting topic between all of us is the maid crisis, which we normally face almost every couple of month or so.

So what do we do?? Nothing as such. For me, I always saw my mother maintain a maid for ages. She would come, live with us and get married after couple of years when she grows up. And my mother would do whatever possible to support her wedding. Most of the time she would try to educate them. And in those five seven years they would be self sufficient enough to sew, cook, read - write etc. They were also trained in making Jam, Jelly, Pickle etc, as my mother herself is a good cook.

Eventually, I also grew up with such vision and dreams. Now when I try to get one for myself, I either landed up with some thing or the other problem. If with one maid, I had super high grocery expenses than the other will be raising my phone bills exponentially. I am really at loss with this unique problem of mine. While I was in Noida I used to call my maid hunting exercises "maid fishing". Why? Hummm.... I mostly got a house which is definitely not on the ground floor. Noida is full of Bengali Maids and Cooks. So, I could stand at my balcony during maid working hours and call any such maid looking woman and ask if she is interested to work. And if she is not interested, the news will spread like fire and maximum by next day morning I will have a maid. Since I speak Bengali, my scoring points as an employer was high amongst all other people. That's how I used to fish out a maid. But here, one I do not know the language neither I like the food they cook. So I am at this point facing the " great Indian maid crisis" !!!!!!!!

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