Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year and Pocharam Dam

oh well.... I know we have behaved like manner less people, but sorry.
Here we wish you all who are reading it a Grand Year ahead. Wishes are never late right???

We went on an outing to a picnic place. Its a real nice place around hyderabad. About 120 minutes to reach. Am I sounding like an tour agent trying to sell that place? Hummm okay lemme try as hard to imitate a sales guy trying to sell is readily available plots around hyderabad. We started about 8 in the morning, and eat bread +jam+egg break fast on the way. I think it was one of the prime attraction of the picnic as we all wanted to recreate a little bit of school picnic feeling. Oh well, no idea if we all really eaten well. We reached ( all boys drank) we had lunch and photo session and we all came back. On way back we visited the 150 year old Medak Church. This is really a place to see. I have not had a very close encounter with Christianity But some how i do get fascinated with such beautiful structures, well maintained and super clean. While going one of our friends were not keeping too well, and while coming our organizer fell ill , along with my already unwell dev. And sources very close to him says it was a pasta effect. I will talk about what is a pasta effect later with his permission. It might take some time as it needs approval from a lot of people. But to sum it up, what I admired was their enthusiasm and effort. And for sure, they will say no girl can have so much fun when unwell !!!!!

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shelly said...

Amazing blog labhi........i wish god bless u wid everlasting beautiful memories......hamesha muskurati raho 'coz u gotta beautiful smile sweety!!!!!