Monday, January 07, 2008

Relationship Confusion & Cyber Age...... from mofid

Debasish da and Labhita Baa …….the connection I have with them till now is very typical and modern…we three are in Hyderabad…..we three are from Assam….and we have not met yet…..Yet we three know of each other and I have only respect for them …for their Views, their Work….link :Orkut !! We are truly living in a cyber age !!

Debasish Da, I got to know of him through orkut……has some great concern for his homeland assam…….this may lead him to head back assam in his 40's or late 50's—that's what I have a gut feeling for Dev da…..His views and opinions have been very thoughtful …..very motivating personality indeed

Labhita Baa, I got to know of to know of her through orkut, She knocked my gmail and gave me the opportunity to help her in her pursuit of publishing the Looitporia Newsletter……while working with her , I got to know the same feelings as dev da generated as well as great passion for completing a task on time at any cost…..blessed with great editorial and leadership skills…….it was a pleasure working under her with my own R&D work….she directed and I worked…. very motivating personality indeed

Then one fine day , while working online, she told something which made me ponder whether Newton's Third Law always work or not. Debasish da and Labhita Baa ,who are very motivating personality themselves, are infact husband and wife !!!

So, baa or Nabou ?? I am getting confused what to address my editor Labhita baa with !!!!
Best wishes to you both and wishes are for some new winds in the coming days with some really fantastic and colorful NEWS towards your door.

Mofid (Bhaity / Devarji??)

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Anonymous said...

I can understand the dilemma of Baa or Nabau,
Let me add another one to that, Dada or Bhindeu………


I never knew that you have started a blog on Assamese cuisines.
Good job, Amar dore elehuwa bachelor buror karone enekuwa blog bor dorkar.