Monday, September 15, 2008

Down the Memory Lane

We, me and my husband, some times talk about our child hood beyond sharing.. It's kind of good. He shares his part of child hood. Here are a few small little incidents of his time.
He had a bunch of friends in school. And a chana wala at the school gate, as all schools in Assam has. So one friend of his and he always used to discuss and share the same deep feeling of being able to eat "sab misal" chana from the chana wala. ( BTW the time line is when he was in first or second standard). As he says" One day that friend of mine came rushing to me with a cone of their much wanted chana. And I was really impressed with him and happy to the core. We are going to have chana today.WOW. I went ahead and asked my friend how did he manage to get it? He said," I was standing at the same crowd around the chana wala and the chana wala looked at me,I said, give me my cone. He asked where is the money. I said I just gave you and than he asked how much? I replied ten paisa" That's how we managed to get chana that day."
A ten paisa was so important and could buy his heart full happiness for that day.

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