Friday, September 19, 2008

MTR, Ashirwad etc and my Kitchen

It was I think some time in 2001 when I was introduced to ready to eat. It was a room mate of mine whose some relative used to work for defence reasearch or something and she got hold of a few packets of ready to eat. So we had a treat! And than it was only Daal Fry, Upma and something more. Was not upto our mark of taste. I do not even remember if it had any brand. And I was informed that this was made for our defence guys who work on impossible territories for years.
Now whenever I go out to a deppartmenal shop, there I find a hwole section full of READY TO EAT. I some times wonder do I have to give up cooking some time soon. Will there be people left who would know home made food or for that matter " once upon a time there used to be kitchen in each Indian house". I wonder! However, this has a positive side, there will be no more Dowry Killings where the woman burns to death due to some kitchen accident. Not bad! But thant that's something out of my crazzy brain. Which keep producing funny thoughts and inspires me for trying different recipies.


Pradip J said...


Came across akholghor yesterday only...m speechless...real effort...congratulations to both of you...

Warm peronsl regards,

Pradip J Das.

Carol said...

Nice post. I love ready to eat meals. Something that you just pop into your microwave oven and in minutes it's dinner time. It's a lovely way to spend a lazy day.

Jyotishman Nath said...

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