Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pete's Wallet

I have recently joined a new organization with happy people. And till now I am enjoying it.
I have a very senior colleague, we call him Pete. As he says himself that he ends up leaving things all across. Surely his personal things; as I never saw him to be that disorganized in the office.
Well now the story part. One morning when I reached office I learn about a commotion. Something to do with Pete. And I am sure you know HR people. They feel that they have the right to all people related news in the office. So here it goes, Pete has lost his wallet. He seems to have had a bad day. Got banged by a so typical Hyderabadi auto wala, and left his wallet in the ATM. That's early morning. When contacted with the bank for help; they seem to be more help less than Pete.

So what does he do now. Pete was seriously upset. The good news came in towards the evening. Some one calls him to tell him that Pete's wallet is with that unknown angel. And we get to know that Pete got the wallet back in solid ! Well that's a small drama in real life! And may be a good side of human being! The honesty still lives. And I feel good to get it re confirmed at times.

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